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High Voltage Switches

Modern Electronic Warfare systems require pulsed power. Generation of High Voltage, High Current pulses in demanding environment requires highly reliable switching elements.

GROWCONTROLS has developed high power switches with Thyristors, IGBTS, MOSFETS, Thyratrons, Pseudospark-Gaps, Triggered Spark-Gaps and Rail Gaps to match specific requirements.

Specially designer trigger sources are developed for specific components.


  • Fast Switching
  • Mill-Watt to Giga-Watt Power output
  • Wide range component selection for system specific requirement
  • Customized design or specific application
  • Optical fiber or current loop isolation


  • Magnetron Modulators
  • RADAR Power Systems
  • Klystron Power
  • LASER Power Supplies
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Marx Generators
  • Magnetic Pulse Compression