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TWT Power Supplies, Modulators for TWT Amplifiers and Microwave Power Modules

GROWCONTROLS has developed high frequency resonant converter based high voltage power supplies with integral floating-deck modulator for TWT Amplifiers & Microwave Power Modules. These rugged power supplies are highly efficient, reliable, and protected against overload and short circuits. High frequency resonant converters are very compact, have low output ripple and very low arc dump energy. Stabilized feedback loop ensures highly stable helix voltage.

Various levels of voltage are generated, rectified filtered and stabilized as required by helix and various collector of TWT.

Typical Modulator Parameters are:

Pulse Width : 200 ns to 500 ms & CW
PRF : >200 KHz
Rise Time : 300 ns
Fall Time : 30 ns
Throughput Delay : 100 ns

Our TWT power supplies find application in Electronics Warfare in Defense sector