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Thermal Management Systems / Heat Pipes

GROWCONTROLS is involved in development of thermal management solutions for Defense power supplies, RADAR systems, Microwave Antenna Couplers, phased array antennas, and other electronic warfare power supplies and systems. We have developed heat pipe based heat sinks and thermal dissipaters for various applications.

GROWCONTROLS has indigenously developed Heat Pipes which are made of copper tube having a wick material on its inner surface. This tube is evacuated and filled with phase change medium. These Heat Pipes come in various shapes and sizes to suit the applications.

Whenever one end of the pipe is heated, the phase change material evaporates and reaches the cooling end, which is at the lower temperature. Here this vapours transfers the heat to the chamber walls and condenses to liquid droplets. This liquid rushes back to hot zone region by wick capillary action. This process repeats at supersonic speed. The temperature between hot and cold zones is almost equal.

Heat Pipe Thermal Cycle

  • Working fluid evaporates by absorbing thermal energy
  • Vapor migrates along the cavity to lower temperature
  • Vapor condenses back to fluid and is absorbed by the wick, releasing thermal energy
  • Working fluid flows back to high temperature end wicking action