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News & Events

07 Jul 2015 : We Participated Automotive Engineering Show in Chennai.

18 Feb 2015: We Participated AERO INDIA 2015 "Asia's Premier Air Show" In Bengaluru.

01 Sep 2014: Recruting Engineers in Power Electronics.

10 Nov 2014: We offer Load banks with updated version, with added features for DRDO.

09 Nov 2014: We Improved IGBT based Converters.

02 Nov 2014: We developed highly reliable 18 pulse Auto-Transformer AC-DC Rectifier units, for aircraft application.

29 Oct 2014: Succussfully completed Predispatch test of 11 Numbers of Induction Brazing Machines for BHEL.

28 Oct 2014: Recruited Engineers & Managers in Power Electronics and Administration.

15 Oct 2014: Delivered LASER Diode Power Supply along with TEC Temperature Controllers for DRDO.

30 Sep 2014: Commissioned 2 Number of Cartridge-Case Tip Annealing Machines successfully for Arms and Ammunition Sector.

25 Sep 2014: Commissioned 45kV Capacitor Charging Power Supply for Nuclear Application.

01 Sep 2014: Given Reliable Thermal Management Solution for Aero-Space Application of BEL, Hyderabad.